Sunday, January 31, 2016

7 Tips to find your perfect wedding dress

consider myself an expert on this subject. Not that I have gotten married several times or anything... Well, twice actually, to the same man. But that's not why I consider myself an expert, no. I thank watching every single episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" ever made for that. It started out as a fun activity to do with my mom while relaxing after work. In the end I think both of us spent so much time with Randy that we ended up with a new GBF; gay best friend. (Position in real life still open, feel free to ask for application) 
Little did I know, that I'd eventually buy my own wedding dress at a Dutch affiliate of the show in Rotterdam: The Honeymoon Shop. 

Backing up a little until right after I got engaged... Since I was going back and forth between California and Holland at the time, I myself got to do a lot of wedding dress shopping. So many people who wanted to come with me, who all wanted a first look and a say in the decision making process. In advance I had my mind set on getting a very simple single fabric satin fishtail dress. Didn't make the cut though. Point being, I've done the dress-search-gone-pro. Especially since I wanted to be sure that I indeed had chosen THE dress.... No rash decisions involved. So here is my advice to all brides to be, and also to be taken to heart by the dedicated bridesmaids, maids of honor, mothers and sisters and in laws. 

Do a test run appointment
Look at this as a true test run, a traditional trial run if you wish. Hardly anyone ever buys the first dress they put on, so no harm in trying different things. The benefit of this is that you can bring everyone you want, no need to disappoint anyone by exclusion.

When you're ready, make the cut
When you are ready to choose and pick your dress, bring as few people as possible. This way you can eliminate ego as much as possible and that those who make the cut will truly be able to keep in mind that this is your dress, your party (and you can cry if you want to). Added plus is that there are even fewer people who will know what your eventual dress actually looks like. Yay for surprises! 

You'll know the one
This is one that definitely comes from watching tons of Say Yes to the dress episodes. When you put on the dress, the one, you'll know. Just like the way you feel about you fiancé, you will feel about your dress. You already said yes to the right man, so now all you have to do is say yes to the right dress.  

Bring tissues
That reminds me... When you put the one one, make sure you and your wedding dress shop partner in crime have tissues within reach. Because when you see yourself in that dress, and they see you shine in it, there are bound to be some water works!

Keep an open mind
Like I said, I had a very specific idea of my ideal dress. My definite choice was completely the opposite. Try to keep and open mind and also listen to the sales people helping you. they have been doing this for years and know what questions to ask to help you find your dress. 

It is your day
No advice is more important than this last one. This is your day, your wedding and your dress. In the end, you are the one who has to walk down to your man in it, no one else. It is your choice, pick the dress you love. 

Take a moment
When you choose your dress and order it, celebrate. Go out after, have a drink with whoever is with you and rejoice in the fact that you've just succeeded in one of the most special and significant tasks in preparing for your wedding. You have your man, you've got your princess dress, the rest is just details. 

Cheers to you finding the perfect dress and feeling like a princess on your wedding day!